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The Linux Printer Setup for MoneyPenny



This is the technical source code documentation for the Linux Printer Setup for MoneyPenny.

The Linux Printer Setup is a CUPS and Qt based tool to offer an easy to use alternative to the standard and much more complex KDE print setup utility. It shall bring more compfort and usability onto the KDE desktop by supplying autodetection mechanisms and an access to the printer/driver database, that is at least 10 times faster than KDE print setup utility.

The Linux Printer Setup has been developed as a tool to run on a Linux LiveCD in an embedded window mode of the Linux homebanking software (MoneyPenny). It has been constructed to be very fast and well-engineered.

It consists of 3 components:

Each of the last two components can be used independently. We are also thinking of a kcontrol integration for future releases.

The Linux Printer Setup only handles USB and Parallel port printers. People who must handle network and other printers are usualy able to do so, but for the "normal user" who is not versed in the CUPS system, the methods for setting up printers under linux are currently regarded as too complicated.

PLEASE NOTICE: If not stated otherwise, whenever we speak of 'printer drivers' or simply 'drivers', we mean the PPD files and not the actual drivers.

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